Physical Security

When it comes to securing your facility our team has the experience you can count on. At Global Security Transport when bad things happen or people make poor choices or have careless behaviors, you have a plan in place to respond. If the property gets damaged or people experience injuries, whether, from natural forces or […]

Response Team

HOA & Private Communities Living in a safe neighborhood plays an important role in the well-being and personal happiness of the residents. A homeowners association or private community can create an environment that impacts the safety of the neighborhood with some scheduled patrolling. Response teams are responsible for overseeing the maintenanc …


Our training department continuously updates our personnel and trains candidates on the latest government and industry regulations. We cover almost any scenario including an in-depth look at X-ray imaging that screens for firearms, improvised explosive devices, and prohibited items. The security guard training ensures that our guards comply with the …


Personalized Security & Protection Global executives and celebrities are high-value targets around the world and require a higher level of security planning and coordination to guarantee safe, efficient, and discreet travel. We understand that our clients may want personal protection that doesn’t inhibit their ability to conduct business while t …

Cargo Protection

When high-value cargo needs special protections we have the solutions. In some cases like fine art transportation, the cargo will need a controlled atmosphere with a specific humidity or temperature to prevent contamination of the art. The artwork will also need authentication before it is packaged and audit monitoring to ensure the seals are in […]

CCTV Monitoring

The ultimate goal of CCTV monitoring is to protect lives, assets, and facilities. Starting with our electronic connection to your facility we ensure the integrity of the feed itself. This means we ensure the actual physical line is secure and based on your threat assessment we will put in a physical or wireless backup. It’s […]