The ultimate goal of CCTV monitoring is to protect lives, assets, and facilities. Starting with our electronic connection to your facility we ensure the integrity of the feed itself. This means we ensure the actual physical line is secure and based on your threat assessment we will put in a physical or wireless backup. It’s also important to consider that all security is essentially cybersecurity because all these devices and software need to talk to each other and this could be a significant point of failure that must be addressed. To meet this cyber threat we conduct independent cyber security audits.
Once a reliable connection is established to your assets and facility our IT security works onsite to resolve any security vulnerabilities. Our monitoring systems are set up to issue real-time alerts to the local authorities should a breach occur. Our monitoring experts can also ensure on-site safety, real-time video surveillance, monitoring threats, track intruders, and alert people within your organization. You can also be assured that our staff consists of highly trained and skilled individuals who have the knowledge of the technical system installed and can maintain the legal and ethical parameters of CCTV monitoring.
– Business / Campus surveillance business installation
– Construction sites
– Public areas that could be prone to vandalism, theft, aggression, or terrorism
– Workforce conditions affected by weather or nighttime conditions
– Retail stores exposed to theft
– Restaurant hygiene of staff ensuring high standards
– Parking is exposure
– Mobile towers
– Vacant properties
– Mobile towers, Warehouses, Schools