Our training department continuously updates our personnel and trains candidates on the latest government and industry regulations.

We cover almost any scenario including an in-depth look at X-ray imaging that screens for firearms, improvised explosive devices, and prohibited items.

The security guard training ensures that our guards comply with the latest rules and regulations.



We understand it’s hard work running a business and understand how important it is to keep operations running smoothly. You and your employees need to feel safe and protected from outside threats.

This will empower your personnel and allow them to thrive in a threat-free working environment. We don’t take anything to chance which is why we recruit only the best of the best.

This means that not only will the security officers that complete our program be knowledgeable, but they will act professionally and look the part as well.

There is always new equipment that makes its way into the industry and we do our part to make sure the recruits are familiar with what is in the pipeline and give them a working knowledge of what to expect.

Due to our extensive training program, our guards are up for almost anything. It means that they are capable of doing jobs from the mundane to the complex. We believe a good trained professional employee is an asset to the company and our clients.



Regardless of your status as a security guard or new recruit, our curriculum is designed in such a way as to fill in the gaps in a concise manner.

The goal is to get all guards to under basic knowledge and procedures used by all security guards.