When it comes to securing your facility our team has the experience you can count on. At Global Security Transport when bad things happen or people make poor choices or have careless behaviors, you have a plan in place to respond. If the property gets damaged or people experience injuries, whether, from natural forces or destructive behaviors, your business is prepared. The right private security deters theft and mitigates danger. Not having security increases the risk of losses and violence. Plus, there may be insurance repercussions.

We back up our private security services with a dedication to safety with a firm commitment to customer service. From your first phone call to Global Security Transport, we will begin crafting a plan specially designed for your specific situation and needs. As one of the security companies in that business trust, we know that needs vary. Protecting a large residential or business complex is different than providing security for a special public or private event, or a high-profile person. We treat every situation individually.

The security guards at Global Security Transport are extremely well-trained professionals who make all security professionals proud to call it their career. Security professionals that make a foolproof plan to protect your property, and who are on the job 24/7 making sure your assets are safe. Professional boots on the ground that guide their work through principle and expert training.